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5 week -Wheel
Beginners class


If you have wanted to make pots on the wheel and don’t know where to start, our 5-week wheel beginner class is for you.


No previous experience is necessary (that’s what we're here for).  The aim of this class is to introduce students to the journey of making on the wheel from beginning to end..

Involved is an Introduction to:

  • Preparing clay (wedging)


  • Throwing Pots (bowl/Cylinder)


  • Finishing Pots(trimming)


  • Recycling clay


  • Glazing our pots

Tool provided to use for the duration of the course

5 kg of clay will be provided with the option to purchase more if needed.


The firing and glazing cost of up to 5 pieces is included.

With the option to fire extra pieces at $10 each to keep if you wish.

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