What is a glaze?

Pots are dipped into glaze after their first biscuit firing. The glaze makes a glass like layer on top of the fired clay. There are many recipes for making glazes.We have made our favourites for you to use.

Where does your clay come from?

There is clay in many places throughout Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. Dig down under the topsoil you might find some at your place. The clay from Half Pint Pottery in Hunua Gorge needs a lot of processing and additives to make it suitable for making pots. (We did make a pizza oven from it ) We find it easier to buy clay from local suppliers.All of the clays are tested to make sure they are suitable and that they fit our glazes.

How mUch Does clay Cost?

Clay is often not included in our class prices because of the variation in prices. Red terracotta clays tend to be cheaper starting at $25 per 10kg bag to white clays which can be up to $45 per 10kg bag. One bag of clay is usually enough for a six week, two hour class

What is a firing?

A firing is when the pots are cooked. The oven is called a kiln. At Half Pint Pottery we do two firings for each pot. The first first firing is called a biscuit firing it reaches a temperature of 1000 C. The second is a glaze firing temperature reached 1200 C.

How much does it cost to fire my pots?

At Half pint Pottery we charge by volume. Firing costs will vary depending on the size of your pot. A mug may cost $2 and a dinner plate $8.

The firing charge includes both firings and glaze materials.

Can I take my pottery home with me?

It takes several weeks for your pots to dry. They then go through a biscuit firing and a second glaze firing before they can be collected. They can then be taken home and used like any other brought pot.