Room to Grow is a long term art project by Jo Raill.

The recent trend of purchasing house plants evoked a memory from my childhood when plants were free. A visit to someone's house would often involve a tour of the garden and a sharing of plants. A piece of the plant was snipped off, wrapped in wet newspaper and transported home. After a few days in water, it was planted in the soil.

I love this idea because it brings people together. The plants also create a living memory of the giver. I often describe the plants not by their botanical name but by the person who gave me the cuttings.

The first step in this project was to build a room to grow the plants in and to be used an exhibition space.

The building started in October 2019 and is ongoing. All of the building materials are recycled. Old windows from my house and TradeMe, coloured plates from the op shop and scraps of wood from everywhere.

Room to Grow December 2019

It has been fun collecting cuttings from friends and family.

The next step is to design plant holders. These are unusual plant holders.

The plant holders are designed with the plant as the starting point.














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